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ACNH Should Introduce Some New Activities

Jun 23, 2021

Nintendo did not release any major news about any ACNH content at the E3 presentation, which made many fans feel dissatisfied and questioned the future of the game. Although during the COVID-19 period, it successfully became the most popular game for players, over time, the monotonous content seems to be unable to attract players. So now fans are looking forward to Nintendo investing in more content to keep the game fresh.

ACNH has been improved in many ways because it released seasonal events, such as Bunny Day, Festivale, Wedding Season, Halloween, and Festive Season. In addition to these features, the game can also add more content and expansion of existing features. The president of Nintendo promised fans that ACNH will have new content.

One of the easiest ways is to introduce cooking and food items. By expanding the existing crafting system and introducing new item categories, players are allowed to obtain a new, regular event to take part in. This will also give Nintendo the chance to bring the Brewster back into the game, or allow players to run their restaurants and exchange food with other villagers. The introduction of craftable food can also make the fruits grown on the island valuable instead of ACNH Bells.

Villagers of different personalities also have different preferences in terms of food, and making food could be another way to improve the relationship between players and villagers.

The two most notable features of ACNH are its villagers and the behavior of decorating houses and islands. Nintendo can position villagers as a competitive force in decoration. ACNH has established a decoration-based judging system through Happy Home Academy. Currently, Happy Home Academy evaluates islands based on the decorations, and the results can only be shared through letters and vague conversations with neighbors. Transforming the act of decoration into competition with the player's neighbors will encourage them to improve the current design.

In any case, ACNH urgently needs new content to retain some players. If ACNH has maintained the status quo, then the future seems to be dull.

Now that the president of Nintendo said that ACNH will introduce new content, we can only wait. Once there is relevant news, IGGM will update the article in time. And, if other items are introduced, IGGM will launch them as soon as possible.

As for now, IGGM provides cheap Animal Crossing Bells, which are the most used items in the game. As for other ACNH Items, they are also available on IGGM.

PSO2 New Genesis: How To Level Up Fast?

Jun 22, 2021

PSO2 New Genesis has been released on a global scale. In the open world, you can seamlessly shuttle between different destinations, and the modified gameplay is welcomed by players.

New Genesis eliminates all current levels accumulated by players in the base PSO2. Although this may frustrate many people, the developers encourage a more unique form of leveling - Power-Level. The Power-Level of a character is determined by the state of gear. The culmination of each component (weapon/armor) tends to be average, and the player's power level is gradually increased. Of course, the premise is that you have reached level 20 in a class.

How to get to level 20 fast?

Follow the Main Questline

New Genesis provides a lot of space to explore, but you need to stick to the questline for a while. Some main quests have some power level requirements. In addition, the main story of the game provides some tips to help you keep going. The running speed of the main quest is also very fast, and the boss is relatively weak. The quest will lead you into all exploration and battle areas, from which you can increase EXP gains.

Combat Area’s/Urgent Quests/Power Level

Once you hit Resol Forest, which is level 15-20, go back to any recently discovered areas, grind any Cacoon’s stumbled encountered dust. This allows you to quickly level up your skills and become more proficient in combat, thereby accepting higher-level challenges.

Reaching this forest also allows you to enter side quests and daily quests, which are beneficial for everyone and an excellent source of experience. After Power Level 1180+, the Urgent quest becomes available, usually some challenging high reward tasks. In these tasks, it is necessary to collect N-EXP gains, they can increase EXP gains by 25-100% for more than 20 minutes of activity time.

Power leveling requires a lot of weapons, materials, and PSO2 New Genesis Meseta. Using the same weapon type to strengthen the currently equipped weapon can provide the best gains, but only low-rare types will drop that frequently. Armor only requires materials and Meseta, so you only need to strengthen these frequently.

Regional Mags

Mags will accompany you on your adventures. In PSO2, you need to continuously use special abilities to provide the necessary energy to assist in combat. Of course, Mags also provide passive buffs, increasing the drop rates, character speed, and some other rewards.

If you are looking for guides about PSO2 fast leveling, don't miss this article. As mentioned above, Meseta can play an important role in this process and can make your role stronger and stronger. So if you need to buy PSO2 Meseta, coming to IGGM is the right choice.

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