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ESO: How To Gear For Endgame Content?

Jan 27, 2022

Unique to ESO is its lack of vertical progression, once you reach level 50 and champion point 160, all gear drops stop scaling, which means you've hit the ceiling of number. As you get more Champion Points, you will get stronger. IGGM will show you how to start gearing for endgame content.

ESO features horizontal progression for gear, there are too many gear sets, which all do different things and can be better in some situations, but worse in other situations.

Some sets are craftable, you need to buy resources and find someone willing to craft it for you, or buy directly from Guild Traders, provided you have enough ESO Gold and your initial settings can only be Epic quality at max. Legendary materials are expensive, and you'll end up replacing those gear with your final set, which might come from Trials or Veteran Dungeons.

Some gear can be obtained through dungeons, and these items can drop from anything in the dungeon, bosses, regular enemies, and chests. You'll always have 2 chest spawns in a dungeon, so keep an eye out for them if you're looking for specific gear pieces.

You can get some sets from specific regions, Mother's Sorrow is an example of the "overland" sets, which drops from events in the Deshaan Region. Overland sets follow a series of rules:

* Delve bosses drop belt and boots

* Public Dungeon bosses drop gloves, weapons, and shoulders

* Dolmens and chests drop jewelry

* World bosses drop head, chest, pants, and weapons.

Typically, you'll need to mix 2 full sets of 5 or 4 benefits with another 2 bonuses. If you're using Magicka, you'll want light armor, while Stamina users will generally want Medium or Heavy armor. It's not a hard and fast rule, but you'll want to check the set bonuses to see if they apply to your build.

FH5: How To Complete The Big City Light Photo Challenge?

Jan 26, 2022

Forza Horizon 5 starts providing new rewarding missions and events for players, and the “Big City Lights” photo challenge is one of them. To accomplish this specific objective in the Series 3 Festival Playlist, you'll need to photograph Guanaiuato at night. On the world map, Guanajuato is in the far northeast where the Forza Festival begins. Driving to the town is simple, but travel time plus waiting for the day to turn into the night may hold you back from trying the challenge. IGGM will guide you to complete the challenge.

There is a way to simplify this challenge, you need to unlock Event Lab. Event Lab is a feature in FH5 that you can use to create and customize your events. To unlock it, you need to get a house in the game's main campaign first.

Once you get home, Casa Bella, you can access the FH5's Creative Hub tab by opening the menu and selecting the Creative Hub tab. In the Blueprint Events screen, choose the “search”. From here, you can easily complete the Big City Lights photo challenge in FH5 with simple clicks or button pushes. In the search bar, enter "Guanajuato nights" to see the search results.

How to complete Big Cit Lights Challenge?

After searching for "Guanajuato Nights" in Event Lab, you can select the race and event, select the desired mode and car and start the instance.

Start a race event and pause to open the FH5's menus and various settings. Scroll over to the Creative Hub tab and select "Photo Mode". In this mode, your camera will feature a "free-roaming" where you can move the camera around as you please. After taking a photo of your car, the objective is done and you'll earn 2 seasonal points, which unlock the Zenvo TS1 and Ford Mustang '71 Series 3 cars.

For more FH5 game guides, you can always come to IGGM to check, and cheap Forza Horizon 5 Credits are also available here, which can help solve your in-game problems more smoothly. In addition, if you always want to be the winner in the game, you can first come to IGGM to buy FH5 Cars, after all, who can say “No” to the fastest and best car that can to your advantage?





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